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4 Effective Steps That Will Usher You Out Of Negativity

Negativity - Mastho Vamsee

Have you ever had this feeling of getting 'drained' in the presence of some people?

Have you felt swarming thoughts overpowering you, giving you a state of restlessness and 'lows'?

Did you ever feel, all of a sudden, lowly opinions of yourself and of your future for no apparant reason?

If your answer is yes, you have, in that phase of life, got exposed to heavy lower vibrations, popularly known as negativity.

Why does negativity happen?

Answer: It happens because our being is infected by a soul that's broadcasting lowly vibrations through thoughts and emotions. That soul has acquired this state due to a life situation, personal traits from someone else. Or when you visit a place that is flooded with invisible negative currents and without our knowledge, our being has caught on with them.

What is the working behind 'catching' negativity?

Answer: Our being vibrates to a particular frequency. Everything in the Cosmos vibrates to its individual frequency, actually. Interestingly, according to ancient seers, our beings are made up of stuff that could match itself, tune into or sync with the vibrations around.

Example: In a rock music concert, people are seen in a euphoria in spite of themselves. And when people visit places like a cemetery or a place where terrible things have happened in history, people have complained of a deep depressing feeling inside them. Just the same, when someone visits a place of high spiritual activity, he or she would feel lighter, happier and more forgiving for no apparent reason.

What do you do when you contact a person or situation that infects you with negativity?

Answer: The following 4 steps would have instant effect in bringing you out of the avoidable vibration:

Negativity - Mastho

1. Cut yourself off mentally from the person, place or situation.

How? Bring your attention to your breath and feel your body from inside. Keep breathing without making a sound, the silent breath. And then mentally picture a wall of bright white light between you and the person/place/situation.

2. Draw a protective circle around yourself.

How? Imagine that a shining white or golden light in the shape of a circle or a cylinder is surrounding you. It is an armour and whatever is striking it is bouncing off its powerful surface. Actually, your imagination has more power than you know. Powerful or just casual, imagination does its work. For those who have cultivated the ability to 'see' things, things like auras, this protective circle is visible in grandeur the moment you draw it mentally. (Soon as you draw the protective circle, you would probably perceive a change in the demeanour of the person or situation too)

3. Cleanse your aura.

How? When you find time to go home, drop a fistful of rock salt into a bucket of water, hot or cold, and take a bath. A head bath would be even more merrier. Rock salt is said to have properties of cleansing the aura of even the heaviest vibrations. The moment you have a bath with this water, you would feel, kind of weak in your body, you would feel lighter too. This is because the aura clinging to your body had just been drained into the ground. If you feel sleepy, sleep if you got time but not before the next step.

4. Fill yourself up with Cosmic Love.

How? After you take your bath, before you sleep, if you had chosen to, sit on the bed with folded legs akin to the lotus posture of the Buddha. It could be just a simple folding of the legs accompanied by clasped palms. This would make a posture where your body energy would be in a circuit rather than getting dissipated into the universe.

With a straight spine, closed eyes and a relaxed body, bring your attention to your body and mentally 'go' into each part starting from your feet up to the crown of your head. Then bring your focus to your breath and breathe without making a sound, the silent breath again.

And then imagine that a gush of white light is pouring all over you, straight from the skies, like you are sitting under a waterfall of white light. Let the light fill your body and the entire room around you. This light is Cosmic Love. Stay in this light for as long as you want and then step down from your bed or retreat into sleep. You are as good as new now :)

Cosmic Love - Mastho

Note1: Whenever you perceive a situation or a person as having a negative vibration, try not to continue the conversation. Cut yourself off from the person or situation as described in Step 1 above.

Note2: We have our own negative area inside us. When you contact a negative person or situation, that negative part in us surfaces and takes over. So, have sympathy to the sad story you are being narrated but keep away from 'imagining' what is being narrated. Advise if you have to, but on one condition. Do not leave your focus on your breath while you listen or dole out advise.

Hope that would come of use to you. May the Light be with you.

Thank you for reading :)


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