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8 Things About Money You'd Want To Tell Everybody

"The world revolves around money", could be the most cliched way to begin. Yet, facts are facts. There was a time when people thought the world revolves around love. Now, people don't even bother to think about such things. It's money all the way.

The fact is that we love money and we money love :)

No harm. Nothing to be judgemental about. Loving money is absolutely good. Money is important. Money gives one freedom. And money makes life more enjoyable.

There are 8 things about money that perhaps you never gave a conscious thought about. Would you want to glance through them in a jiffy? Here we go.

1. We never want money for the sake of money. We want money only to bring objects or things that don't exist with us into our lives. Imagine if you had a million dollars with you and you were in a place called Jimjilah in some godforsaken forest with terrible tribals.

2. Money never looks the same for any two people in the world. For someone money means status. For somebody, money means a shining red sports car. And yet for some other man, when you mention money, a tasty loaf of bread might be the only image that flashes in his mind.

3. Money has the power to bring out some deepest feelings in humans. In general, the total population with the exception of a handful of people are deprived of plenty of money, abundance. And when the prospect of owning huge sum of money is presented, certain feelings in human beings would jet forth. These feelings might surprise the very person. Unprecedented greed or violence could be good examples of such feelings.

4. Money brings in more money. And generosity begets just generosity and peace. Several people who had been generous all through their lives, have died without having too much money with them in their last days.

5. Money has its own mind. For example, if someone has a careless attitude about money, chances are that money does not stay very long with him. And a caring attitude towards money is reciprocated by money.

6. Money creates greatest illusions and disillusions. If there had been wars fought because of money, if there were heinous crimes committed for money, money had also been the reason for greatest disillusionment in human beings. Several filthy-rich people have been reported to say in their last days, that their life had been a rich waste running after money. And several men became valuable philosophers when they lost all their money.

7. Money can give you everything yet nothing. For the material world, a man with money is the king. Yet, the same money cannot buy invisible things like love, life and true friendship.

8. Earning money is just an attitude. When you learn to earn money, you would finally realise that what you had learned if just a kind of an attitude that begets money.

Lastly, abundance is abundance only when you have plenty of everything. Not plenty of something and nothing other walks of life.

Thanks for reading.

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