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This Secret Insight Could Impact You Forever!

Secret Insight - Mastho

Yesterday, I was going on a long drive, riding my red Royal Enfield Bullet.

This place is not exactly popular for fabulous drivers.

One biker who was riding ahead of me felt an urgent need to check his mobile phone, I guess; or had he to text someone? I wouldn't know. But he pulled over all of a sudden, nonetheless, and started pecking off on his mobile.

He thought he pulled over, but in reality, he did not clear the road completely. You know, the urge of using the mobile, like the urge of using the toilet, is unbearable for many. That was why, perhaps, he did not take too much care to pull completely over, I guess. And he did not seem like someone who cared for other humans who live and ride motorcycles along with him on this strange planet he inhabits, either.

So, the biker behind this guy, who was I, almost rammed into him but managed to somehow avert the accident by the grace of Cosmos. Then followed a truck load of thoughts as I rode off... I knew better than to waste time telling the guy what I actually felt about him at that moment.

As I moved on, my swarming thoughts were criticising in nature, of course.

A few kilometres later, I received a call on my mobile. I had my bluetooth device on my ears and could keep talking while I rode. But I chose to pull over and be a good boy. I did pull over... and 'properly'. The next instant a truck zoomed past me in sonic speed honking like hell. Baaaoooonnnnnnnnnnnnn... I got the start of my life!

And then the thought instantly that crossed my mind was that perhaps I was wrong in cursing the guy who did not pull over 'well'.

I thought I had pulled over 'properly' like the other guy must have thought too. Now where does this leave me?

  • I learnt that nature teaches us things giving us an opportunity to correct ourselves, then and there.

  • I also learnt that when we do the same thing that we did not like the other do, our mind immediately supports us and plays the defence shot. Being fair, frank and even a bit brutal to our own selves, would help us learn something and grow. Else we would remain what we were.

And most importantly...

Secret Insight - Mastho

  • We train ourselves every day, every moment. We are just not aware of this fact. And what we train ourselves in, determines our progress in this life. Didn't get that one, yeah? You would, in a moment, promise :)

We have perceptions inside us. Agree? Like 'this is good'. 'That is not right'. 'This should not be done this way'. Or 'that, I consider to be stupid' and as such.

Every moment, we are thinking. And every line of thought strengthens one of our perceptions that live inside us. What perception we strengthen by our line of thought, becomes dominant and dictates what happens to us in the moments that are yet to happen to us! This process happens, mostly, unconsciously and so we don't even know that we have a choice in selecting our train of thought! But the fact remains that we can choose and strengthen better perceptions that are more conducive to our progress in life.


My perception was that people who ride on roads today are 'IDIOTS' in caps. May be true, but does that help? What does it do to me? It creates constricted and disharmonious vibrations inside me. When I thought that the biker was wrong, he was an 'IDIOT', a particular perception inside me was fed and strengthened. This perception would go on to dominate my thinking and my life a bit more powerfully.

Or I could choose to think that people genuinely think they are right while they are in reality, unconscious. The problem is unconsciousness rather than people being 'evil' or something else. Which is what I did and a new perception was born.

Your every thought is strengthening a particular portion of your psyche.

Ask yourself, "Do I want to strengthen the corresponding perception inside me?" And then, continue or discontinue the line of thought immediately.

Thanks for reading :)


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