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Can Humans Actually Help Ghosts?

Can Humans Actually Help Ghosts? - Bizarre Bazaar Blog

Do spirits really communicate? Can humans actually help Ghosts?

We had watched in films like The Sixth Sense that human beings are accosted by disembodied spirits seeking help. And humans could actually help them so that they are relieved from the emotional fetters so they could proceed to higher states in the spirt world.

I had written a similar scene in my novel, a paranormal thriller called The Spookoholic: Kanchi. When this idea struck me while writing this novel, I understood that my subconscious mind had picked it up from the research I had done for 24 years in paranormal and occult subjects. So the answer to 'Can Humans Actually Help Ghosts?' could be answered, to a great extent, if I share a bit of my research with you in this area. And for this, I am always game :)

According to a book written in 1920, called Your Psychic Powers And How To Develop Them by author Hereward Carrington, the answer seems to be YES.

This wonderful book that helped me do some 'out of the world' experiments and gain fabulous first hand insights, says that the Christian religion propagates that after a human being 'dies', he/she would go to heaven or hell... or to the purgatory. The author of this book tried to learn if this is actually the case. He contacted Seers and clairvoyants who went on 'excursions' into the spirit world, for this purpose.

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According to the extensive research, Spirit worlds have zones or spheres, as informed by spirits. Some spirits said there were sixteen and others stuck to seven spheres. Each spirit progress gradually to higher and higher spheres as it graduates in maturity or purity. The spirits, seemingly, have also confirmed that on entering the spirit world, they are welcomed by friends or relatives who had passed on earlier than them.

Earth-bound spirits are spirits that are on the lowest of the spheres. They are not able to get out of this sphere owing to their attachments. Such spirits try and communicate with the living, and if they are lucky, they are helped by humans so that their attachments are released and they are freed from the 'magnetic attraction' of the earth.

The book mentions that spirit communication depends on their own abilities. Spirits accustomed to write, would write through mediums who do Automatic Writing. And the visual kind would project visions into mediums who are the visual kind. On the whole, the authors say that spirit communication is not an easy task for both the parties on any count.

Spirit Communication - Bizarre Bazaar Blog

According to one source , named Dr. Hodgson, the recently deceased are generally extremely confused due to the shock called death. But when they slowly get used to the new surroundings, they are fairly better in communication. One spirit said 'I am too weak to articulate clearly' after a few days of the occurrence of its death. But in a short time the communication was fairly articulate running into lots of sentences. We would gather after going through a lot of findings by Hareward Carrington, that humans help spirits or ghosts.

And did you know about 'pacts'? The research tome tells us that the ghosts enter into pacts with humans. This could be before death, that someone promises that he/she would come back to communicate. Or the pact could be after death. In both the cases, the living has to fulfil his/her part in order to get the spirit to honour its part.

Through such pacts, several spirits' minds have been freed from earthly ties or attachments.

(Just realised while I was writing this, that the scene I had written in my novel, is perhaps a little more dramatic than the reality but does involve such a pact)


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Thank you :)

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