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Do We Really Have To Die? May be not!

Bizarre Bazaar - Do We Really Have To Die?

All cultures in all civilisations in history agree on one thing. Death.

But did you know that there are certain humans in history who are believed to live on for thousands of years and who are still alive this day?

Unbelievable? Yes. Unexplainable? Yet, it could be true!

I had been fortunate to have read some 'best books' in life... some fantastic research on paranormal, occult, parapsychology, metaphysics, spiritualism and as such, apart from religion for 25 years now.

In fact, I could give you a lot of such examples where human beings continued to live on, but in this post let me tell you about one such human who is said to have defied death.

This interesting story is for those who did not hear about this love filled Godly soul called Ramtha...

This account was given by Ramtha himself!

Ramtha was born in a civilisation that existed thousands of years ago. He says that he was the first one to learn 'ascension' and he had learned it on his own. Later on, about ascension.

Ramtha had lived on this planet, according to him, about 35,000 years ago.

In those days, the people of Atlantis were an advanced civilisation with highly advanced technology and intellect.They had even built vehicles that travelled on light to reach far out stars, with the help of aliens. Lemurians were the spiritual race who did not have the technical edge to any degree. Lemurians were treated lowly by Atlantians.

Eventually, the Atlantian centre of knowledge got destroyed and their technology had been destroyed. Because of their light travels, the Atlantians have inadvertently made a hole in a protective layer around the Earth and heavy rains and floods ensued. Then the water froze. So Lemurians and Atlantians had to migrate to a place in the south of Atlantis.

And the last 100 years of Atlantis have begun.

In this period, the people were ruled by a ruthless dictatorship. Atlantans were given preference but Lemurians led lives of dogs. They were forced to eat anything. They were spat on. They had the worst that humanity has ever experienced. Ramtha was a Lemurian who was enduring this terrible life in Lemurian slums. Ramtha's mother was repeatedly raped on streets while he looked on helplessly. He was only a kid then. Ramtha felt dejected with life as his mother bore a girl child who did not have a father. Ramtha had to hunt animals to feed his mother and his sister. But they both died one day. He burnt the bodies quickly, lest the Atlantans should smell the burning bodies and throw them into the desert for scavengers to feed on them. Later, his brother too was killed by the Atlantans.

Ramtha got enraged on their God. Why does he do this to us, who believe in Him?

Ramtha was 14 when he decided to fight with that God that his ansistors prayed to. He wanted to ask God, to fight God. He ascended a huge mountain for days before he reached the peak. He was certain that if God was somewhere it would be here on this peak that touched the clouds.

"I am a human. But why am I not being given that respect?" he yelled after reaching the peak. Then he fell upon his knees and wept. When he looked up, there was a very beautiful Godly figure of a woman, with a sword in her hand. "Ramtha, how can you loose courage? Your prayers are heard. Take this sword and win over yourself" said the woman. Then she vanished.

When Ramtha got down the mountain, he was no more the same teenager. With the sword in hand, he went on to become a historical hero, leading a Lemurian army of 2.5 million people. He destroyed Atlantans and occupied their kingdoms, warring for 63 years.

Then, Ramtha went on to get obsessed with his wars and was creating wars, annihilating the innocent too... until one day when they stabbed him! He collapsed on the floor watching the blood flowing out, helplessly. At this exact moment, he heard a voice... "Get up!"

With great difficulty he stood up, bleeding from his mouth and from his wound in the stomach. The enemies never expected him to stand up. They got terrified and thought that this guy has conquered death. They ran for their lives. For several years, Ramtha searched for the source of that voice that got him up that day, but did not succeed.

He started meditating in the search but was still filled with ego.

Once the egotistical Ramtha was 'humiliated' by the wind when a cloth flew into the air and fell upon is face. And then some dust was transported onto 'the great' Ramtha's head. He yelled at the wind and asked it to come back to him. It did not seem to care. He saw the reflection of pure freedom in the winds for the first time. And he felt winds never fear anybody. So, Ramtha decided to become the wind. He then sat on a high altitude and meditated on the winds, looking at the Moon without blinking.

The first experience happened after a lot of such nights passed. One day suddenly, Ramtha saw himself high up in the air as he was mediting. When he looked down, he saw his body on the platform below. And then he practiced and mastered astral travel.

And after several years of meditatin and practice, the atoms in his body started vibrating at higher and higher frequencies. Ramtha had reached a state of utter peace. He started loosing weight and he observed that sometimes light passed through him!

One day, the vibration has increased so much that he started disappearing in a light form. And finally he dissappeared into the air, along with his body, to travel around. He then came back into his bodily form to see if he could accomplish it again.

He could!

And 35,000 years ago, Ramtha left the Earth taking his body with him...

Ramtha never died.

He ascended.

How did we come to know of this story?

We know this because Ramtha has come back to the Earth and started talking through J.Z. Knight. You could easily find all the teachings of this Guru through J.Z. Knight's videos on the YouTube. Ramtha had been giving tremendously significant knowledge about Love, physics, alien civilisations and as such, since Feb 7th 1977.

If it is possible for Ramtha, ascension is possible to you and me. Do we really have to die, then?


Interesting Links (of Ramtha):


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Thank you :)


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