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Strangest Things Are Happening in 2018

While we are living our lives pretty typically, waking up, going to work, having food and chatting with friends, there seem to be strangest happenings taking place around us, world wide.

The link given at the bottom of this article, shows the footage of some of the most bizarre happenings from around the world. Check it out if you've got time or read on if you've got only a minute to spare :)

  • A flash flooding in Brazil created havoc.

  • UFOs being spotted on the Moon.

  • A storm being steered by objects that could be UFOS that were clearly visible in the sky near Stillwater.

  • Sophia, a robot whose interaction with humans is just breath taking.

  • Increased solar activity in March 2018, that had been affecting the Earth.

  • The weather in South America is getting freakier by the day.

  • Suspected HAARP and earthquakes coming from hidden islands near Mauritius.

  • People are suspecting artificial intelligence to be penetrating our systems and manipulating the weather and even creating Geo Storms like in the movies.

But is this all for good or for bad?

Looks like the time of extinction of the human race has arrived, right? Maybe wrong.

Though it might be true that the Earth did reach a stage where its inhabitants have brought on self destruction full on, there is a huge chunk of information and belief that indicates that all this is happening for the good... to herald a Golden Age for the earthlings, finally.

If you have not heard of the Earth's Ascension process, it is a good idea to Google it up. It's incredibly interesting and heartening, trust me. To tell you briefly about it, incase you have not already known about it, the Earth has been taken over in a sense, by the higher beings of the Universe, like those who we call Enlightened Masters in the East. These higher beings, taking help of advanced civilisations of our Universe, are making Earth a better place. The process of Ascension had begun decades ago and now is at it's peak. There had been sea changes in the Earth, physically and we are going to see a new world perhaps within the next ten years, they say.

All is well. All the freaky changes are happening as a Love-filled parental gesture from our fathers above, they say. I'd love to believe that and stick on to this belief, rather than freak out and get paranoid with the cynical efforts of fear-mongers and media with dark intent.

Perhaps this is good time for you to choose your side, too :)

Hey, have you experienced any strange occurrences, unexplained objects? Please share your story in the comments. We'd love to read you here. Thanks.

Thanks for reading :)


Here are the two links I wrote about:

The video that shows bizarre changes on Earth:

The link that get you started with knowing more about Earth's Ascension process:

PS: Did you know that the Earth's Schumann resonance, meaning the frequency of Earth's electromagnetic field, was 7.83 Hz for thousands of years but has now been increasing. It is 30 Hz and even 40 Hz in some places now.

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