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Mastho's Insights - The Little Indian Lamps

When we are aware, even little things teach us life changing insights. True as truth.

One day, recently, I was sitting in my routine ancient Indian spiritual practice.

For this, I sit on the floor, on a special red cloth made of a material that sends our energy back up into our body, not letting it drain down into the ground due to the gravitational pull. For the regular practice, I light incense sticks of a particular fragrance and light two beautiful little lamps that are lit with cotton wicks dipped in clarified butter made of cow's milk.

I have a habit of opening the door to the room so that there is plenty of light and free flow of fresh air while I practice my hour long routine.

That particular day, it being the rainy season, chill breeze was at at full play. When I opened my eyes on instinct in the middle of the spiritual process, I saw that the one of the two little lamps was put out.

I felt bad. If the light was put out, it was considered not very auspicious in India. I re-lit the lamp and continued my practice. But my mind was aware of the unrelenting, remorseless breeze blowing into the room and I was kind of worried... that the lamp would face the same fate again. Sure as suredom, both the lamps were put out by the breeze within the next few minutes.

The next day, I decided that I would not open the doors to the room to save myself from the constant disorientation due to the quarrel between the breeze and the little lamps. I closed the door that day and did my practice with peace of mind.

Yet, I realised that I nursed a 'missing' feel throughout the practice. It was not as 'open' and 'spreading' as it was every day. I realised that closing the door made the practice dull, somehow. Yes, it was a secured feeling as far as the lamps were concerned but I didn't like it, really.

The next day, I opened the door before I sat down to the practice. I felt nice. The breeze greeted us, the lamps and I, with glee. And I wished it back with a smile. I felt 'open' and saw energy dancing inside me.

I told myself, about what I learnt that day. Due to the breeze, if the lamps would be put out, I shall light them again and again if necessary. But I would not choose the security of a closed door instead. The open door and the dancing breeze denote an adventure. I choose adventure to playing it safe.

Because light, breeze, beauty, movement and all significant things bring adventure into life.

Safety is death. Adventure is life.

Even if it means that I need to keep lighting the wicks again and again.


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