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Karma - You Could Repay It This Way Too

What you take, you would have to give.

What you give, you would have to take.

Ways of Karma are strange and intriguing too.

I have a habit of doing my spiritual practices every morning. Usually I sit for about an hour's duration and if extra practices are to be included, the process would extend in duration.

We had shifted our house about a year ago, temporarily though.

It all began when I started doing a special spiritual ritual last year. This Vedic ritual is called a 'Homam' and it takes about three and a half hours in addition to the regular spiritual practice. I do my 'Homam' all by myself.

When I had been doing the 'Homam', which was scheduled for about five days, every day, I began hearing the wailing of a child.

The noises were highly disturbing for me to say the least. The child was crying in the most unusual manner and was absolutely irritating. As far as I could infer, it was coming from one of the two houses that are our closest neighbours. Just a wall separates us from these two houses.

The wailing sounds were giving me a stressful time. I probably had my blood pressure shooting up because I was getting enraged. I had to focus on my breath and pacify myself using all the techniques I had learnt from Westerners and Easterners alike.

I kept telling myself that this is a way the negative forces around the world are trying to disturb a powerful ritual and my own Karma was being erased as I took all the mental battering throughout the ritual. I told myself that it was my problem that after twenty six years of spiritual practices, I am still in a this disposition that I can't still the mind or go deeper in or beyond mind so I would not get affected.

The thing continued for all the five days and then more. I had heard the child's incessant crying in different tones, modulations depicting myriad tantrums. I had to keep watching my mind and how much it could analyse and abuse a situation in a bid to not get involved with the mind.

In the months that followed, the wailing got discontinuous but did not stop. I observed that the child's voice was getting more matured as the year passed and the wailing happened just now and then.

The strange thing was that most of the times, it came exactly when I was doing my spiritual practices. It did come in other times too, but that was a rarity, I should confess.

One day, while I was in my morning spiritual ritual, the familiar wailing exercise manifested itself again. I promptly got up, and went around the house in the direction of the irritating child's noises.

When I entered the premises, what I found was startling to be subtle.

I found myself there! I was a little child of two years. I was wailing away happily rather unhappily. And suddenly there, I remembered that I was told that I was one of the most irritating children for a short period in my infant-hood. The crying and the tantrums were just unbearable for many I guess.

I opened my eyes and found myself again at home in my spiritual ritual.

And I did not hear the child's wailing again.

Mastho's Insights - Karma - You  Could Repay It This Way Too

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