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The Best Trick To Overcome Fear

The Best Trick To Overcome Fear by Mastho

Have you observed?

The entire world today, runs on fear. Look at anything around you. It has come into existence probably because of fear.

The toothpaste you had purchased was purchased perhaps because you fear having a bad breath or germs in your gums and teeth.

The cereals we consume, the dish washer liquid and even the perfume we wear are with us because we have a kind of fear associated with these products.

We get educated because we fear a life of poverty. And we work at the office even if we would love to quit, all because of the fear for our future.

The Best Trick To Overcome Fear by Mastho

Understand fear.

Simply put, fear is expecting something negative to happen in the future.

My first question to you:

Where exactly is this 'future'? Where do you find it?

It's not yet here, yeah? So, where should we search for it to find it?

Let me answer it myself. Future is right in the mind, nowhere else. We can't see it. In fact it never comes. Whatever comes to being, is only the present.

Now to my second question:

Then, our lives are being totally dominated by fear related to something that does not exist except in imagination! How sensible is that? Well, you know the answer to that one.

Imagine, if you had NO FEAR, how many more things would you have done in life?

Actually, if you sit and write all the things that come to your mind, you would be surprised at how many pages the list would fill up.

Imagine, if you had NO FEAR, how cooooool life could actually be! We would live life at least a hundred times more effectively and perhaps even achieve our fullest potential!

Agree? Great!

The Best Trick To Overcome Fear by Mastho

Now to the trick.

I call this a 'trick' because, there is no way you could 'erase' fear. And there is no way you could 'convince' the mind that it does not need to fear. Don't even try it, it's just a waste of time.

All you could do is to 'trick' the mind without it knowing that it is being tricked.



"What crap!" you could say. Sorry, no crap.

Let me explain and you would learn perhaps the best thing in your life.

The secret of human existence is this:

You can either breathe consciously or you could think.


Just not humanly possible.


Yup. Try it.

The Best Trick To Overcome Fear by Mastho

So, the trick in simple words:

When you are struck by thoughts or emotions of fear, you simply bring your attention to your breath. And watch the breath enter your nostrils and fill your tummy slowly. Then the breath is turning out and leaving your body just as silently, leaving it through your nostrils.

Just keep observing the breath. Your mind stops its work. But remember, until you are good at this technique, the mind with all its fear, will come back and keep knocking at your door. You would find yourself getting carried away by it for a moment. But the second you realise that the mind has taken you away, with a lot of love, just bring back your attention to the slow and beautiful breath happening inside your body.

In moments, you would rejoice in the feeling that the fear has been overpowered for the first time in your life. You don't need to believe it. Just try it.

Whenever you are in a fearful state or situation... you are perhaps writing an exam, attending an interview, or you are on the camera or on the dais with people staring at you... or perhaps you are with your boss or angry spouse... All you need to do is keep listening with your attention focused on your breath. Yes, you could do anything while your attention is on your breath. Like I am writing this post while being aware of my breath. Just practice.

And remember to practice it in other times to perfect it... so that you would be good at it when such a situation may arise. We never know when it does.

Note 1: The best practice is, that you would need to keep coming back to your breath every day, whenever you remember. This will give you enough practice so that you would excel in your trick, like I said, when the situation might suddenly arise.

Note 2: Fear is rooted deep inside your subconscious mind. But the power of being with the breath can annihilate any powerful fear. Yet, when in the beginning, we might find that some fears are absolutely overwhelming and the 'trick' is simply not strong enough to keep it at bay. This is natural. But listen, constructing a single sentence was once a super gigantic task for us in life. But is it now? Eventually, you would give enough power to your 'trick' to smash the heck out of any fear.

Note 3: Breath is a very profound 'happening'. It just keeps happening in spite of us. It is profound because it is the link, a bridge, between the body, mind and the Cosmic Intelligence. Usually, the simplest things that we take for granted, are the most profound things in life, says Osho.

Note 4: Breathe without making a sound. Silent breath... as if you are breathing through your vulva (the little hanging kind of a structure at the back of your mouth, between your tongue and nostrils).

A man without fear is a SUPER HERO.

You have just learnt the technique that could transform you into a SUPER HERO!


Now, go practice it :)

Thank you for reading. Gratitude :)


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