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Can Spooks Be Tech Savvy?

Ghosts Tech Savvy?

We have watched in films like The Ring, that disembodied spirits call up people and communicate on phones. Somehow mobiles and telephones are very personal to us and they are too 'this world'ly. Ghosts being able to tap into something so much part of this physical dimension, feel very uncomfortable.

It was a strange enough innovation from the film makers to come up with such an idea where the apparitions have power over telephones. But the thought that a ghost can talk to us on our own mobile or chat with us on a messenger is unnerving.

Yet, is it actually possible?

I had been reading several occult texts and experiences of psychics of the East and the West. Author Hareward Carrington describes how spirits try and communicate through gestures, symbolism and thought transfer in his book called "The Psychic Powers And How To Develop Them". In the East, all texts and knowledge transferred through word indicate different forms of spirit communication... yet they were all from an age when there were no mobiles or social media... and the concept of revolution in communication is not even 2 decades old. Then who would answer our question?

Here is a strange and unexplained paranormal occourance documented on the internet that might interest you. This, kind of explains if spooks could be actually tech savy.

This is an article from July 2014 that stated that a terrified boyfriend reports that her dead-for-two-years-now girlfriend Emily, had been contacting him on Facebook. She had been operating her own account, sending him messages of distress and requests for help and tagging herself in his photos.

Briefly, the communication started off, it seems, on 4th Sept 2013. Nathan's girlfriend Emily was killed in a car crash a couple of years ago and Nathan, on this day, received a message from Emily's account.

At first Nathan thought it was a bug or something. There were sentences lifted from their previous conversations that were stored away somewhere. Then after a while Emily wrote an original sentence. And then, "it's cold"... "Freezing"... " "(m)ust let me walk" etc gave him the chills. Later, the girlfriend tagged herself to his posts. And finally, she had posted a photo she had taken from behind a half-closed door, depicting Nathan's computer and chair...

We would not know if this was some sort of a prank, or a hoax by Nathan himself or it was for real... But it is surely chilling and unexplained. Could examples like these could indicate that spooks have upgraded themselves to be tech savvy?


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Thanks for reading.

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Thank you :)


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