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This Experience Of An Indian Enlightened Master About Strange Creatures Will Thrill You

Do strange creatures share this planet with us?

There are numerous videos and innumerable pics on the internet depicting creatures that range from bizarre-looking to terrifying. While it's actually fascinating to imagine about the possibility of the 'proofs' of their existence being true, we should honestly admit that a good part inside our head doubts them very much.

The advent of advanced technology that could, with some expertise, create such 'evidences' is playing a pivot role activating our so called scientific attitude towards the existence around us. Unfortunately some users of this technology have made use of it to create stuff that is far from reality just to take advantage of the innocent/ignorant surfer.

As children, we all honestly believed, that all the strange creatures that lurk in folk tales do really exist... until the logical mind took over us, slowly and silently... The education system we are in, devised by logical minds, has successfully erased the sense of wonder and awe in us humans.

When I was writing my paranormal & supernatural thriller called The Spookoholic: Kanchi, I had put to use some of my research I had done for about the past 24 years. I had been a meditator and a practitioner of Kundalini and Mantra Yoga all these years. A few of my personal experiences have given me a better judgement of what could be true and who could be faking it.

But do such strange creatures live with us on Earth? This question is still left to be answered.

The account of the personal experience of one Enlightened Indian Master would surely be of value in evaluating things for ourselves.

According to Mahayogi Pilot Baba, he had witnessed such strange creatures on one of his legendary travels in the Himalayas in India. He described his incredible experiences in his book "Discover Secrets Of Himalaya".

Mahayogi Pilot Baba was once travelling with some friends and disciples. The group stopped at Pataal Bhuvaneshwar, which is a place of worship inside a cave situated near Pithoragarh in Uttarakhand State in India. (14Km North of Gangolihat and 91Km from Pithoragarh. It's 1,350m above sea level)

They had to descend 150 feed down in the dark cave. Below was a huge hall that could easily fit thousands of people.

There was a throne with a thousand headed snake called Seshnag carved on the wall. A carving of a huge celestial elephant called Airaavat was very attractive, he remarks. There was an inverted black lotus made of rock, that oozed water that was bathing a majestic sculpture of Lord Shiva, the God of Hindus.

There was knee deep water and everyone of the group had to tread carefully walking behind the Guru. They then saw a rock in the water and beyond it was the meeting of two rivers... all 300 feet below the cave they entered.

There they found a metal door with a hook to help pull it up. They could not open it but could find a slit adjacent to it, just enough for them to squeeze themselves in. Inside, they found a great big Shiva Lingam, the symbol of Lord Shiva. The Master asked the others to offer prayers to the Lord there. And then they traveled further in this new tunnel and found carvings that dated back to the time of Mahabharata... which they say happened about 5000 years ago.

There were stairs that lead to a lot of caves but the Guru's companions were terrified to go further. The group had to return to the metal door as the river got deeper from there on.

On returning to the metal door, the Guru asked the rest to stay and took one willing engineer in the team with him into a deep tunnel at the metal door. The engineer was tied a rope around his waist and the Guru held the rope. Both went inside the dangerous looking tunnel. As they went in, the tunnel became narrower. They had to crawl for some distance.

And at the end of the tunnel, they found a huge garden! And in the garden, there were men and women. But they were not completely human. Half of their bodies were snakes! The engineer instantly fainted on the sight. At that moment, the half-snakes gathered around Mahayogi Pilot Baba. The Guru observed that some of the strange creatures were with complete human bodies too.

The human-snakes prayed to the Guru to go back. The Guru signalled at his unconscious companion and snake-woman came forward and instantly got him to his senses. The leader of the group gifted the Guru with a precious green stone called The Emerald of Garuda that is still there with Mahayogi Pilot Baba today.

The Guru returned to the others and they had gone back to the entrance of Pataal Bhuvaneshwar, as the Sun began to set.


Thanks for reading.

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Thank you :)

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