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Ouija Boards - Can They Really Call Spirits?

You must have seen Ouija boards in a lot of films. Dim lighting... candles burning... eerie background music... people with curious and serious faces sitting around it in tension.... And the Ouija board that looks somehow old and horrifying has a coin on the alphabet inscribed on it. There is a 'Yes' and 'No' written on it... Somebody asks a question and waits in heavy and horrifying silence when finally the coin starts moving, moving with it the index finger of the guy or girl... The invisible presence in the room starts answering the questions of humans...

But does an Ouija board work? Did it ever work in reality? Do you have any such experience with an Ouija board? What is the principle behind an Ouija board, if it actually works?

Spirits are souls that left the body. They are not visible to the eyes of souls who still reside in human bodies. According to parapsychologists, this is owing to the fact that the soul's vibration is too high for the human eye to be able to watch. Like we can see what's behind the fan when the blades of a fan are rotating at high speeds. According to spiritual tomes, our's is a 3 dimensional existence. When the soul leaves the body, it becomes part of a higher dimension (4th dimension or 5th). Our eyes are yet of a lower version, they cannot see any of this unless they are upgraded to the higher version (more about the upgradation later). So, when a spirit is in a room, we cannot see it. And when it has to communicate, it forces the power of its intension to move the coin on the Ouija board over the alphabet or the 'yes' or 'no' in order to communicate with the people asking questions. This is because they cannot hear the ghost's voice or thought.

Good, now to the question... Does this work? Stories on the internet seem to say 'YES'!

When Inez was 12, she did the Ouija Board exercise just for fun. A spirit responded and said that she was Rebecca Lynn in her past life and she would meet somebody from her past life, Vincent Daniel Douglas in this life. Two years later she had met the guy in a musical and was thrilled/ stunned (ref. to the link at the end).

Jessica's act was a little horrifying than Inez's. She had done the Ouija and says she might have attracted an evil spirit. After the Ouija board activity, she started waking up with dread at 3.30am every night. Her grandma had perceived an evil presence in their house. One night at 1am on the street, she witnessed a dark figure staring at her over the fence. Then, Jessica had an experience that felt like she had something gotten into her and tried to take control of her. When the priest came to bless, all the pipes in the house 'screamed'.

Felt these were interesting, weren't they? Please tell me about your experiences too... because in the part of the world where I live, Ouija boards are not that popular (we have other kinds of tools :) for communication)...


Thanks for reading.

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Thank you :)


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