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Are Ghosts Afraid Of Humans?

Funny question to ask. Isn't it like, our birth right to be afraid of ghosts? Why would spirits be frightened of us humans? What a stupid thing to ask! But hey, wait a moment. Could there be a logic that we are missing? Can such a thing be possible, by any teeny weeny chance? Let's check out... It could be interesting... could be worth five minutes of your time.

What is a ghost?

Human being is a soul that lives in a temporary home called the body. When one body becomes obsolete, he/she enters another one (says Bhagavad Geeta, the sacred text of the Hindus). So what happens in the time lag... between a soul leaving the body and entering another body? As the soul is indestructible (again Geeta), it has to be somewhere. So these waiting souls, when witnessed by one of the senses of a human being, are called ghosts, with love :)

Why are we afraid of ghosts?

Osho says that anything unknown instills fear in us. The fear is actually not because of the object itself but for the unknown. So when we see something that can't be seen or perceived, the fact that it is unknown to us, creates fear.

Would ghosts fear us, too?

I feel that there could be several factors that could actually make ghosts fear a human. Example 1: A newbie/rookie ghost:

When a soul leaves the body, it is still that same person who lived in the body... with the same frailties, believes and complexities. And entering a new form of life in a new body (the etheric body), the soul could be confused in certain situations.

For a disembodied soul, when it leaves the body, it could be chaos... At this time, if it suddenly come across a human being in the 3rd dimension, it could get frightened. Remember? Unknown is fear.

(I have read that friendly souls come to the rescue of such fresh ghosts to acquaint them with the spirit world. Certain of souls have taken this responsibility for this since eternity)

Example 2:

When you are in a good mood, happy and joyous, your body feels light. When you are sad and depressed, you feel heavy. This is because of the change in vibration of the body and the inner bodies (Osho says that we have 7 bodies in his book - In Search Of The Miraculous). Similarly, if a ghost belongs to a lowly vibration, it is said to be evil. These evil spirits are said to be affected by the Earth's pull and hang around here. When a spook that nurses a lower vibration come across a person who is filled with love... filled with a higher spiritual vibration, the vibes clash and fear might arise in the spirits as this situation might threaten their existence. A few drops of black ink could blacken the water in a container. But pour the whole bottle in a pond, the colour vanishes. So the good vibe of a powerful human might threaten the spooks.

Good. Now, are there any practical records of such occurrences? I tried to find out and this is what my research on Google revealed:


Yes. You would find tons of info about men fearing ghosts. But none on ghosts fearing men. This freaky idea somehow struck me more than a year back (in 2016) that my next story's protagonist could be the one who ghosts feared. And then came this crazy novel with a wacky concept into existence... The Spookohilic: Kanchi. Thankfully, it has got some nice reviews from people who read the book's AR Copy. Planning to release it soon :)

I did not want to end this write up without giving you such instances in real life. So, here is one I had heard from my own Guru... in short for you.

Once upon a time in a village called Chendolu in India, a kid was passing by a haunted house. Interestingly, the kid had been recently initiated into the Mantra Yoga and had been given a Mantra called Baala. So when the kid was passing by this haunted house, accompanied by his friends, they felt like going into the infamous abandoned house. So they did. After searching around and finding nothing, the friends left, leaving the kid inside the house. As they left, one of them mischievously locked the door from the outside.

So this kid could not go out... He was in a haunted house, completely dark inside. Yet it is said that he was not frightened or anything. He simply sat down in one of the rooms and started chanting his 'Baala' Mantra blissfully. In a few minutes, the ghost of the house appeared. It was shivering and yelling in disgust. The kid did not bother, though. He went on with his chanting.

The ghost was shouting at the kid asking him to stop what he was doing. The ghost's appearance was said to be smokey in white colour, with rather distinctive features. Perhaps hours passed this way. The spook was yelling so loud that the entire village woke up and hurried to the haunted house. When they opened the door, they witnessed the blissful kid in a spiritual mood and a disgruntled and shivering apparition.

The ghost was never to be seen around after that day.

This man was Tadepalli Raghava Narayana Sastry of Chendolu. He was a divine personality... an exponent in Mantra Yoga. There had been several eyewitnesses to many such incidents in his eventful life.

When the man left his body, the form of the Divine Mother Goddess appeared on his funeral pyre. Check the pics :)


Thanks for reading.

If you like stuff like this and would want regular updates of some very interesting paranormal phenominon, do join my core group, called the Thriller Elite... a special group where we share bizarre stuff along with monthly contests and Mastho's free thriller stories and books... Here is the link, in case you'd be interested. Even otherwise, please come back, I have planned to reveal a lot of research material in my upcoming articles.

Thank you :)


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