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Composing Since 1993
The Real Music of Bollywood...
The Music of  '70s, '80s & Early '90s...
They call it 'Retro' today. 
For people like me, 
It's still fresh!
For us, music MEANS 'that' music!
They call it 'outdated' today, 
and come up with strange noises and call it a song! 'Yo' 'Hep' 'Muzik'...
That's Moronistic! 
After working for some 27 years and still getting nowhere, 
I finally, almost, decided to call myself a
Flop Music Director.
Am I Honest? Yes.
Am I Daring? Sure. 
Is it True, Am I A Flop? 
Now, that, is for YOU to decide. 
'Flop' is a friend, not a stranger to Mastho (me) :)
So, YOU tell me, 
Not the industry.
For this purpose,
I am making my music public.
After 27 years, 
Mastho Music 
Is here.
(As if anyone cares... hee hee,
but hey, we'd have to wait and see... I mean, who knows?)
Flop? Crap? Average?
Mind Blowing?
YOU... decide. 
Watch this space for the latest video. 
For an average Indian who has lived the enchanting days of the 1980s music...
...who has listened to the '70s, '80s & early '90s too...
This site and channel could strike a deep cord of synchronicity. 
Music of today, is surely, not enchanting... it somehow feels less than music.
Now people behave as if  loving the music of yester years is a sin, like it's less than dignity, almost. Bud dude, we are made of that stuff. Still the very basic 'mass' listens to the '80s and early '90s music, go check it out!
But, these 'in' souls opine that nobody listens to that kind of music anymore. And so they produce this new music now. 
What if they are wrong?
I believe that the music of the yester years is and will be still loved. (And without remorse or thinking, they just discarded Sanu, Udit, Abhijeet & Sonu! Sacrilege, unbelievable!)
Crores of people still enjoy that style of music... they want it, but you don't get it anymore. 
As for me, I can only compose music of that era. In fact what I compose, simply resonates with that era. 
Call me a Flop Music Director if you like :) I'd rather give a memorable flop song rather than a forgetable new crap.  
This site presents you with those songs that I absolutely LOVED when I composed them. 
These songs are Mastho Vamsee's own melodies. They will proudly have the flavour of my dear Nadeem Shravan, Sameer, Udit, Sanu, Alka, Sadhna Sargam, Sonu, Abhijeet, Ilayaraja, LP, Kalyanji Anandji, Shankar Jaikishen, Vishwanatham and Rajan Nagendra. 
Though Mastho might not be as good as 1% of the above mentioned legends, the songs here will surely have all of their blessing.
This music shall grow on you. 
"No one will listen to these..." they said.
I am what I am. 
I trust my music. 
No one listens to it, great. 
Flop? Yes, I am friends flop already, no problem :) (The very fact that I mentioned the world 'flop' so many times, indicates that I still do fear being a flop deep in my subconscious. But the fact that I am aware of it, is an indication that I'll overcome it, maybe soon...)  
This music is... My Music. 
Mastho Music. 
Let me know if it has become
Your Music too :)
Note: I promise to keep posting my songs, until I am bored of it or I become confident that I am definitely a flop and there's simply no point. That's slightly negative, but let's deal with it :)
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