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The Spookoholic: Demonic Whispers

Thousands of years ago, a mighty king named Janamejaya got into the mood for vengeance.

According to ancient history, this ruler’s father Parikshit was cursed to die of a serpent bite. So, he built himself a gigantic tower with no windows, ventilators or doors except one main entrance. In it, he lived in peace, content that no serpent could now enter his abode.

       But one day, a little worm crawled out of a fruit he was about to consume. The worm transformed itself into a horrifying serpent called Takshak, the leader of the serpents. Then Takshak finished his job.

       So, mad with rage, king Parikshit’s son king Janamejaya set himself up to some serious vendetta...


Boom boom. Bang bang. Smith Is Back! And this time, it's time for rage. An interesting story of suspense and unparalleled action sequences, Pop A Cap Smith will not let you put the book down. Come on in and take a sneak peek, you'll know what I'm talking about...


The Sun is now sinking…

Journeying down into unknown depths… as if conspiring with the looming darkness that devoured the once blue sky… as if with black designs for that night.

As the old district bus rocked and rolled over the hapless highway, Surya Narayana tried to keep himself from slipping down his seat. He is one of the thirteen people in a bus that was a mockery of public transport. As his body rocked on, dreary darkness of the moonless night engulfed the bus and the road alike in entirety. Read on...


A hit man, most feared by the noir crime circles of the world, Smith the legend, is out on the strangest of assignments, you'd have difficulty in believing. Take a peak now. 


The ancients say that we are capable of achieving anything. Then why did we not reach our fullest potential? What the ancients say, is it actually true? Yes it is. Learn the secret that they never taught you. And learn it through one of the most enchanting stories perhaps ever told. Come, take a peek.


Read an entire story from the book... For your thriller appetite...

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