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Mastho Vamsee writes supernatural, paranormal, occult, thriller, horror and suspense novels and stories with a touch of comedy. He's inspired by Sherlock Holmes and Robert Ludlum kind of stuff, but specialises in paranormal and supernatural subjects. That's perhaps due to years of his practical work and research in these fields. Romance too forms part of his work, perhaps owing to his Leonine nature.

He has got two MBA degrees but left a corporate career to do things he loves to do. A meditator on the ‘path’ since childhood, Mastho is an Osho Sanyasin. He observes that he had always been a misfit with people and things around.


He is an enthusiast of all that is beyond 5 senses and belongs to the highest lineage of Gurus of India, the Datta Parampara.

He confesses that he is terrible at spellings, has a very bad memory, exhibits a horrible temper thrice a year, is a habitual prankster and had failed more than he had succeeded in life. Failure, he says, teaches better… so he claims that he is perhaps better than the super successful :)


This Leo by Sun Sign, Mastho is an actor, ace radio presenter, a busy voice artist, an adored entertainer, a director of television series, music composer, Reiki healer, Tarot card reader, a certified hypnotist, a theatre artist and a YouTuber.


But according to him, what he is super good at (when he is not frozen in the head) is, writing kickass stories. Says, he can’t help it :)


Mastho Vamsee is a regular practitioner of Sri Vidya, Mantra Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Kriya Yoga and Meditations. He specialises in Neo Kirtans and had composed and rendered tons of Neo Kirtans that have been released as albums.


He has scores of stories to his credit, over 2000 voice projects, several films, television and YouTube fiction appearances and music albums… He holds MBA degrees from India and the United Kingdom. He left a sleepy corporate career to take a leap into the colorful arena of media, in 2004. Talk to him about short stories, film making, astrology and the occult; and you would probably get to listen to some incredible facts and experiences in animated expressions.


His latest work includes Behind That Closed Door - 6 Kickass Thriller Stories and the novel The Spookaholic: Kanchi. 

Some interesting incidents in Mastho Vamsee’s life you might want to know

  • Mastho got initiated into meditation and Mantra Yoga at the age of 13. He has been practicing meditation for 25 years now.

  • He was a child prodigy of sorts when he gave 100s of stage performances all over India being a ‘Magician’. Won a truck load of awards.

  • He proposed to the love of his life in his 4th grade and had it going for the next 14 years. Then he got married to the same girl! Now he is happily married for 18 years. That makes it a 33-year relation.

  • He had been a theatre artist and in addition, performed in different art forms like mimicry, magic, mime and as such by the time he completed his college education.

  • He has an experience of 18 years as a successful voice artist and he is an award winning radio presenter, on air, since 13 years.

  • He had acted in 5 Indian films till date, and had been a screenplay writer and director for a comedic television series.

  • He had done several television shows and is popular as a comedian.

  • He has been doing Tarot predictions since 14 years.

  • Other than some percussion instruments, Mastho could never learn any instrument, other than some percussion instruments. He had tried his hand on learning the keyboard, piano, flute, tabla and guitar. He even learnt Indian classical music for several years without any success.

  • Yet, he had been a music composer for 25 years now and had released several albums, composed jingles for television commercials and short films. His album of Neo Kirtans called Oorjha Tharangini was sold out twice in US.

  • Mastho goes on spiritual retreats to Indian power centers accompanied by his friend and fellow disciple, from time to time, when they follow austerities and do different kinds of meditations.

  • He has thousands of fans for his radio shows and stories.

  • Once, Mastho was on a retreat in a power center called Narsobawadi in India, when he mentally informed one of the idols in one of the temples there, that he would come back in fifteen minutes to worship that deity. The group then sat down for meditation that went on for an hour. That particular deity had then come into a vision of Mastho’s friend and asked him to remind Mastho that he promised to come back in fifteen minutes.

  • He had been a misfit and did strange things ever since childhood. Perhaps this nature had gotten him to follow Osho in 1996. Mastho is an Osho Sanyasin. Osho had come into a dream of Mastho’s friend one day and had given both their hands into their present Mantra Yoga Guru Sri Samyogananda Natha.

  • Mastho had experimented with several psychic and occult phenomena and has some crazy experiences with spirits. All the time when he was writing The Spookoholic: Kanchi, he had experienced a strange presence around him. He never saw it or them except in his dreams, though.

  • Mastho believes that he has come here to finish all remaining Karma in this life. He strives to make this his last incarnation.

  • Mastho’s pranks, on and off air, had been popular with his friends, family and followers.

  • He had been a super success in a lot of things in life. But he had failed in so many other things that he feels that these fiascos are the reason for the depth of understanding in life.

  • Mastho is an avid reader. His grandfather introduced him to Sherlock Holmes at the age of 3. But what he reads now are Poulo Coelho, Richard Bach, Brian Weiss, Swamy Rama, Sri Paramahamsa Yogananda, JZ Knight, Eckhart Tolle, Carlos Castaneda, Swamy Muktananda, Pilot Baba and as such.

  • 10 of the most powerful Himalayan Gurus have come into Mastho’s life. They have all been guiding him in various ways.

  • His upcoming Bairagee is about a man who is 5000 years old.

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